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The Death of a Nation (2018)

Hitler commits suicide five minutes in. Even he wanted out of this movie.

With about twenty or so minutes left in the new Dinesh D’Souza documentary The Death of a Nation, I realized he had changed my view on something that I held very dear to my heart. Until that moment, I was a firm believer in never having your cellphone on during a movie. Well, Mr. D’Souza, congrats, you have changed my belief.

If only I had done that sooner.

I try to stray away from politics, but this film kept nipping at my heels the last few weeks, especially the zero percent on rottentomatoes (yes, the audience rating is around 90, but look closer at how many other reviews those positive reviewers have done before hand). For those of you have not even heard of this film, it is as pure propaganda as they come. D’Souza is easily one of the most right winged people known to mankind. He basically equates liberals to Nazis and slave owners. While I am sure there are some who agree with him on somethings, I find it hard to believe anyone would like how he is explaining them. I would say boring, but that is to insult the six fine letters used in that word.

In Charlie Chaplin’s classic film Modern Times (1936), there is a timeless sequence when the tramp is on a lunch break at work. Instead of eating normally, the company has made a choice to feed him with a machine as he works. The imagery of that scene reminds me of how D’Souza is giving us this information. He is truly shoving it down our throats without a chance to swallow.

Another set of images that came to mind was from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). The scene was when the history teacher (Ben Stein) was reciting information (“Anyone?”), and we see the dumbfounded looks of the students. That was my reaction to this film.

Parents, I honestly don’t know. I mean, if you believe what D’Souza is saying, then sure, I guess you can take your kids. Even then though, they will be bored.

Not sure if it matters, but I would consider myself a centralist (though I do lean toward the right). Just putting that out there because I am sure there are some who may think of me as someone who just doesn’t get it. Some of you may be thinking I know nothing of politics and should just stick to movies.

You are right. I know hardly anything about politics, but I do know a lot about movies.

And this one was atrocious.


Zero Stars

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